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As a leader:

Chord Lines/In the Groove, Union Records, 2018 BUY NOW

Facts + Figures, Union Records, 2016 BUY NOW

Live In Lima, Union Records, 2009  FREE DOWNLOAD

Organic Matter, Union Records, 2009  BUY

Third Attention, Union Records, 1998 BUY

You St.: Live at State of the Union, Union Records, 1996 BUY

Stickman, independent release, 1995

With Giancarlo Schiaffini (free jazz/ avant garde):

Post-Deconstruction Redux, Union Records, 2015 BUY

Post-Deconstruction, Cadence Jazz Records, 2002 BUY

Deconstruction!, Pentaflowers (Italy), 2000 BUY

With the Emptys (pop/ rock):

Loveversesnothing, Safari Records, 2002 BUY

Pick Your Ears Up, Safari Records, 1995 BUY

Bridge Across the Ocean, Safari Records, 1994

With Larry Brown (piano):

Live at the Mid Atlantic Jazz Festival (DVD)Lush Life Records, 2011 BUY

Hard Bop Café, Lush Life Records, 2006 BUY

The Long GoodbyeLush Life Records, 2002 BUY

With Mark Stanley (guitar):

Dark Brain, Sir Eel Records, 2014 BUY

Live at Blues Alley, Sir Eel Records, 2006

Humans, Sir Eel Records, 2003 BUY

With Greg Hatza ((Hammond organ):organ):With 

Diggin' Up My Roots, Flip Records, 2016 BUY

To A New Place, Rhombus Records, 2013 BUY

Vaughn Nark (trumpet):

Panorama, Summit Records, 2004 BUY

Somethin’ Special, Summit Records, 2000 BUY

With Pierce, Putter, and Rumble (free improvised):

Pierce, Putter, and Rumble, Union Records (2013) BUY

With Gilbert Engle (jazz fusion, rock instrumental):

Supernatural Absence, New Jazz Media (2003) BUY

Jazz Fusion 1-5, New Jazz Media (2014) BUY

Jazz Fusion 1-3, New Jazz Media (2015) BUY

Jazz Reggae Fusion, New Jazz Media (2016) BUY

Odd Time Signature Fusion, New Jazz Media (2016) BUY

Petite Jazz Fusion, New Jazz Media (2016) BUY

Magnum Opus Jazz Fusion, New Jazz Media (2016) BUY

With various artists:

Joshua Bayer, Six By Five Jushua Bayer Music, 2016 BUY

Bonnie Harris, Listen Here, Lush Life Records, 2010 BUY

King James and the Serfs of Swing, Introducing..., Josephsson Records, 2004 BUY

Jose Bowen, A Jazz Shabbat Service, Cross Over Music, 2003 BUY

Origem, Ijexa, Union Records, 1999 BUY

Radio Mosaic, Look Around, Little Guy Records, 1999

Ritmo Junction, Suburban Descarga, CSR Records, 1998 BUY

Dan Reynolds, To Be Sure, Never Alone Music, 1998 BUY

Sharón Clark, Finally, Union Records, 1997 BUY

River, Songs for the Harbinger, Grantham Dispatch, 1997 BUY

Red Letter Day, Four Bowls of Colour, Antwinnie Music, 1996 BUY

June Rich, Rain, Hard Time Records, 1996

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