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“...displaying the fire of John Coltrane.” -Cadence

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A distinct voice as both a saxophonist and composer, Peter Fraize is known for his impassioned high-energy playing, intricate and melodic compositions, and his "no-boundaries" sensibility. His music draws from deep within the jazz tradition, exploratory free improvisation, modern rock and pop, and music from around the world. Based in Washington, DC, he is also familiar to international audiences through concert appearances in Peru, Japan and Europe. Most recently he toured in the UK, where he appeared at the 2016 Love Supreme Festival.

Fraize grew up in Northern Virginia, forming his first jazz group at age sixteen. He attended the New England Conservatory of Music before transferring to the Royal Conservatory in the Netherlands, graduating in 1989. Since returning to DC, he has established himself as a bandleader through varied projects such as his fusion band Stickman, his "chordless" trio and quintet, and his Hammond organ group.                                    (download full bio)

New Release: Facts + Figures
On his latest album Peter Fraize introduces his New Quintet, a group that pushes at the boundaries while honoring the tradition. Unconventional song structures plus odd and mixed meters are coupled with the prime objectives of swing and groove, resulting in memorable and engaging music. "The original intent was to make a straight-ahead blowing record," says Fraize, "but as I assembled the players, I gravitated toward more challenging material… stuff I thought I might never get around to recording."

The band is comprised of Washington, DC jazz luminaries Paul Pieper (guitar), Jon Ozment (piano), Nathan Kawaller (bass), and Leland Nakamura (drums). Their repertoire draws from Fraize’s book of over 200 compositions with tunes like the explosive “The Ides of March,” the mysterious 7/4 blues “Euclid House,” the free-blowing “Freezer Full of Math,” the hypnotic, high-energy waltz "While He Sleeps," and the lyrical, expansive Pat Metheny tribute “Me, Then You.”

"...tough, powerful, hard-swinging music, with superb performances...” -Jazzviews.net

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"...tough, powerful, hard-swinging music, with superb performances... showing how much vigour can still be found in the post-bop tradition. Seek it out."
 -Eddie Myer, jazzviews.net (review of Facts + Figures)

"Saxophonist Peter Fraize's quartet makes it clear throughout Organic Matter that this is the 21st rather than the 20th century." "Easily recommended."
 -Scott Yanow (review of Organic Matter)

"Fraize's unpretentious, strong-toned, fluid sound exudes traces of prime Sonny Rollins, taken to a slightly freer zone." "Peter Fraize is a tenor saxophonist to watch."
 -Steven Loewy, Cadence Magazine (review of Third Attention)

"...the music is consistently fresh and inspired by Fraize's colorful writing and the improvisatory bent he shares with his bandmates…"
 -Mike Joyce, 
Jazz Times (review of You St.)

"As a soloist... displaying the fire of John Coltrane." "You St. is filled with honest music and solid playing. The band pushes at its material, not content with cliches or pat readings of the themes."
 -Richard Kamins, Cadence Magazine (review of You St.)

"Fraize's commanding tenor tears it up... and what a sense of time!"
 -Dr.Herb Wong, Past-President International Association of Jazz Educators (IAJE)

"Fraize's burry sound calls up the history of the tenor while welcoming the present."
 -Christopher Porter, Washington City Paper

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