The Fraize Book volumes 1 & 2 are together a collection of over 100 original jazz compositions written between the mid 1980s and the present. They are arranged for various small group settings, trio to sextet. A variety of styles and instrumentation are represented: straight-ahead, latin, jazz-rock/fusion, "chordless" trio and quintet, organ quartet, and some that incorporate elements of free-jazz and the avant-garde.

Volume 1 will soon be available in  paper and pdf versions in its entirety. I will also be offering "booklets" by instumentation and/or style, and individual arrangements. The Fraize Book will be available for multiple instruments/transpositions: Master Lead Sheets/Scores, guitar, piano, bass, drums, Bb tenor sax/clarinets, Eb alto/bari sax, Bb trumpet (in the right octave!), trombone/bass clef, and C lead sheets. Arrangements purchased individually will include all of the above parts. Additionally, each arrangement will include a reference MIDI sequence mp3 of a full "performance" of the tune (all intros, melody, solo sections, endings, etc.) which can also serve as a kind of "poor man's" play-along.

On this page I am offering a free lead sheet to the tune "Young One" from the  Organic Matter album. In the sidebar you can listen to the recorded version and the MIDI sequence.

CLICK HERE to download free lead sheet.

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