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I'll be bringing the New Quintet to the Epicure Cafe in Fairfax, VA on June 11 to celebrate the Facts + Figures release and debut some new compositions for our next recording project. Hope to see some old NOVA friends out there!

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Baltimore and additional DC dates coming soon...

There are some nice gigs being added to the calendar beginning with a CD release show with the Greg Hatza ORGANization at Chris' Jazz Cafe in Philadelphia on May 4.

Please keep your eye on my calendar page for info and new shows as they get added.

I'll be heading into Time Master Studio with the band to do a little recording in May. This will be an interim project fcusing on some of my simpler "lead sheet" tunes from over the years. I'm excited to get some of these old tunes recorded, some of which go back 30 years!

This summer I also hope to finish up Chord Lines/In the Groove, the organ album I recorded a couple of years ago with Greg Hatza, Mark Stanley and Leland Nakamura. I've done some rough mixing at Gizmo Recording Co. and it sounds great. I plan to put a horn section on some of the pop and rock covers we did on this project. Stay tuned!

Also at Gizmo, Bold Deceivers is making slow but steady progress toward the completion of our EP. This is the "roots" band in which I mainly play accordion, plus melodica, tin whistle, and a wee bit o' the saxophone.

New video is up from the Blues Alley show in January. Look on my video page or visit my You Tube channel for those and much more!

The CD release show at Blues Alley was fantastic! As my kids would say, EPIC thanks to all who came out! Videos being added to my You Tube channel, so if you missed the show or would like to relive it, please check it out.

The first show to celebrate the release of the new album will be at Blues Alley on Tuesday, January 17. We will perform all the music from the record plus a few new ones in preparation for the next recording. Same band as the record: Paul Pieper (guit), Jon Ozment (pno), Nathan Kawaller (bass), and Leland Nakamura (drs).

HERE is a direct link for tickets.

For reservations, call 202.337.4141

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The new CD by the Greg Hatza ORGANization is now available! It's called "Digging Up My Roots" and features R&B and Blues tunes that were influential to him coming up in Reading, PA in the '60s. I'm proud to have been a part of this great band for nearly 20 years! We'll be playing in the DC/Baltimore area quite a bit this year to promote the record and hopefully hitting the road, too. Stay tuned! You can get the CD through Greg's website (link above), the usual online outlets, or at one of our gigs.


I'll be bringing a fantastic quartet featuring Bob Butta (piano), Steve Zerlin (bass) and Leland Nakamura (drums) to Blues Alley in DC this month on Tuesday, 9/27.

HERE is a direct link for tickets. 

Newly mastered by the amazing Greg Lukens, my latest album is available exclusively on Bandcamp. It's 75 minutes of new music, brought to life by the incredible performances of Jon Ozment (piano), Paul Pieper (guitar), Nathan Kawaller (bass) and Leland Nakamura (drums). Recorded and mixed by Gantt Kushner at Gizmo Recording Co. 
A preview is avalable in the sidebar to the right on this page. I hope you'll check it out!

HERE is a great early review by Eddie Myer.

Why Bandcamp? Because it is by far the most equitable online music store for independent artists like me. Download their free app and get unlimited streaming of all your purchases. Plus, it is a wonderful community and a great avenue for discovering independent music your algorhythms have never even heard of!

HERE is a great NYT article about Bandcamp. Written from a punk fan's perspective, I think it applies to all genres.

HERE is a cool graphic that compares what it takes for an artist to earn a monthly minimum wage through the various download and streaming services we all enjoy.

Locally, I'll be making the rounds this fall with the Greg Hatza ORGANization, the Larry Brown Quintet and other fine groups. Check my calendar page for details.

My thanks to everyone who made my little "Pints & Petrol Tour" such a memorable time! Terry SeabrookJack KendonMilo Fell and I really established a wonderful chemistry over just four gigs at the Snowdrop Inn, the Bristol Bar, the Verdict, and the Love Supreme Festival. It was also a joy to create beautiful nights of music with Godfrey Sheppard, Roy Hilton, Malcolm Mortimore and Paul Burnett-Kirk at the Hare and Hounds; and with Dave Drake, Nigel Thomas, Loz ThomasSara Oschlag  and Jack Kendon back at the Bristol Bar.

HERE are some nice photos from our gig at the Verdict by Brian O'Connor. Go to search on the right of his page, then type my name into the search box.

I'll have some audio, video and a slideshow up soon!

I'll be performing at 5pm on the Bandstand Stage, Saturday, July 2. 

I'll be performing on the Bandstand Stage at This year's Love Supreme Festival on July 2. Time TBA. What a great finish to this summer's tour! For full tour dates, please visit my calendar page.

"Facts + Figures", my new album of originals, is in the can! A preview of it should automatically play when you load this page (stay on this page to hear the whole thing, about 11 minutes). The controller is in the sidebar to the right.

This CD was a joy to produce. It features the incredible musicianship of Jon Ozment (piano), Paul Pieper (guitar), Nathan Kawaller (bass) and Leland Nakamura (drums). It was recorded and mixed by Gantt Kushner at Gizmo Recording Co. The nine compositions are reflections of some of the events and people (the facts + figures) in my life over the past few decades.

I'm pressing a limited run to have on hand for my UK tour, then will have an official release and performances this fall. For the months of June and July, digital copies may be purchased exclusively on my Bandcamp site.

The Greg Hatza ORGANization has just recorded a new album. This CD will be a very danceable/blues-focused project featuring classic tunes such as Stagger Lee, I Got a Woman, Hi-Heel Sneakers and the James Brown version of Night Train, along with some of Greg's originals. Rounding out the band are Brian Kooken (guitar) and Robert Shahid (drums). I've been a member of Greg's band for nearly 20 years and he is featured on my Organic Matter CD as well as my upcoming Chord Lines/In the Groove. It's a great musical relationship that I'm proud to have been a part of for so long!

I'm very excited to announce a series of performances in the Sussex/Brighton area mid-June through early July. I'm really looking forward to playing with British jazz luminaries Terry Seabrook, Jack Kendon, Godfrey Sheppard and Cookie Jones, among others. Five dates are confirmed, with several pending. Please check my calendar page for info and updates. Thanks to my good friend Mike Andrews for making this happen!

Recording is underway for a new album my originals. One session and 5 tunes are in the can, wih a second session happening in mid-March. It's my good fortune to have Jon Ozment (piano), Paul Pieper (guitar), Nathan Kawaller (bass), and Leland Nakamura (drums) doing such incredible things with this music! And Gizmo Recording Company couldn't be a more relaxing, easy place to work in!
I'm putting this project on the front burner in order to have it released by June 1st. Stay tuned for updates! 

Guitarist Joshua Bayer has released his new CD, now titled "Six by Five". It features me, fellow saxophonist Paul Carr, organist Todd Simon, and drummer Harold Summey. All original tunes by Josh and it swings like mad.
Buy it here!


Since last fall I've been part of the roots/country/bluegrass project Bold Deceivers. I'm playing mostly accordion and melodica, along with some penny whistle and tenor saxophone. It's a gas learning to play the squeezebox, and I truly love playing this music! We're starting to hit the DC/ Bmore bar scene and a few music festivals. We also plan to get some recording done this spring. Click th BD link above to visit our Facebook page for news and updates.

The release of "Chord Lines/In the Groove", the new organ record featuring Mark Stanley (guitar), Greg Hatza (organ) and Leland Nakamura (drums), is being delayed while I fast-track my current CD project. I now hope to get it done by summer's end… We got some great sounding stuff in the can, but now I'm thinking of adding a horn section to a few tracks. Plus my learning curve for mixing and mastering at home progresses slowly…

I have openings for a few more private students in my home studio, the Jazz CaveI take in-person students by referral only, but also offer Skype/Facetime lessons for all others. I offer private lessons in saxophone, improvisation, theory and composition. Please contact me for info on rates and availability.


"Post-Deconstruction Redux" is now available exclusively on Bandcamp. It's something from the archives that I'd been intending to release for years now… Back in 1999 my trio (with Steve Zerlin and Leland Nakamura) teamed up with italian trombonist Giancarlo Schiaffini. The result was "Deconstruction!",  recorded live at State of the Union and released on the Pentaflowers label. The following year we met up again, this time augmenting the lineup with saxophonist Jesse Meman and a second bassist, Vattel Cherry. We recorded two nights at the legendary One Step Down and released "Post -Deconstruction" on Cadence Jazz Records in 2002. Whlie I was very happy with that CD, I always felt that there was at least as much good material that Cadence passed over. "...Redux" features those performances. Many thanks to my friend and neighbor Julia Bloom for the image of her beautiful sculpture that graces the cover!

 "Chord Lines/In the Groove" is a newly recorded organ quartet album featuring Mark Stanley (guitar), Greg Hatza (organ) and Leland Nakamura (drums). This was a fun record to make! Recorded "live" in the hangar of Davis Airport outside of DC, I was finally able to scratch a long-time itch and record an arrangement of one of my favorite Blue Öyster Cult songs (yes, I am I life-long fan!). The album will also include arrangements of tunes by Chris Cornell, Barry Manilow, Michael & Janet Jackson, plus a couple of my own. I'm just beginning the mixing process (attempting to do it all myself at home) and hope to have it ready for release before the end of the year. Stay tuned...

In June I recorded with guitarist Josh Bayer for his new album "Feng Shwing". I'll be in good company along with fellow saxophonist Paul Carr, organist Todd Simon, and drummer Harold Summey.  The CD will feature all original compositions by Josh which are very cool tunes and fun to blow on, too! The mixes sound great and I'm really looking forward to it being released sometime this fall...


I'm proud to be on guitarist Mark Stanley's recent release "Dark Brain" along with  Scott Ambush (bass, Spyro Gyra), Jean Paul Gaster (drums, Clutch), Oz Noy (guitar),  Dave DeMarco (keys), and production by Mark Smoot. This album is full of beautiful writing and guitar work by Mark, featuring a bunch of cool grooves, some psychedelia, and an awesome cover of the Kraftwerk tune "The Model." Click on the album cover below to visit Mark's Bandcamp page and buy this record!

Dark Brain

The Jazz Cave is open for business! I have limited space for new students in my home teaching studio where I offer private lessons in saxophone, improvisation, theory and composition. Please contact me for info on rates and availability.

I have joined the music faculty at the Lowell School here in DC where I'll be coaching after-school Pop and Jazz Bands in addition to offering private lessons on Wenesday afternoons. You don't have to be a Lowell student to get lessons there. For details click here.

I rejoined the staff at Middle C Music here in DC this spring, teaching private lessons on saxophone, beginner woodwinds and piano. I also hope to be running a jazz theory class and an adult student combo there this fall. Click the above link for details.

This fall will start my 21st year teaching at the George Washington University, although in a slightly diminished capacity. Massive budget cuts to the Music Department (and arts in general) have cut back our offerings, but hopefully the department will bounce back over the next several years… You can read about it here.

My "chordless" trio and quintet recordings from the '90s, "Third Attention" and "You St.",  are now available to download on Bandcamp, CD Baby and iTunes. Bandcamp is the best deal, only $7 for the full album of CD-quality .WAV files. For smaller, cheaper, lower-quality mp3 files, go to iTunes.


Maryland Summer Jazz begins on July 22! I'm thrilled to be on the camp faculty this year along with Jimmy Haslip, Helen Sung, Marty Morrison, Kenny Rittenhouse, Jim McFalls,  Donato Soviero and Jeff Antoniuk. We'll be giving a student and faculty concert on July 25th at St. Mark Presbyterian Curch in Rockville. Click the above link or see my calendar page for details.

It's been a busy spring with all things GW… We're gearing up for our 20th annual GW Jazz Festival this coming weekend 4/25  26 at the Betts Theater in the GW Marvin Center. The student groups are sounding fantastic and we'll have alumni joining us throughout. The whole thing wraps up Saturday night the 26th with the first annual Alumni All-Star Jam! See my calendar page for poster, links and details.

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be joining the faculty for this year's Maryland Summer Jazz camp, July 22 - 25 in Rockville, MD. The camp is geard towards adult students of all levels and consists of workshops, jams and concerts. MSJ is regarded as one of the finest programs of it's kind in the country. It will be a privilege to be among such an outstanding faculty: Jimmy Haslip, Marty Morrison, Kenny Rittenhouse, Jim McFalls, Helen Sung, Donato Soviero and Jeff Antoniuk. I'm really looking forward to it!


I'll be returning to the Back Porch Cafe this October with my organ trio for the Rehoboth Jazz Fest weekend. This year we will be there Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, 10/17-19. It's a great space with a fantastic menu and we always love playing there. Come out and make a weekend of it!

The Forward Jazz Collective is getting out and playing a few gigs this fall. We'll be at the Let There Be Jazz salon series at St. Luke's Episcopal Church on the 20th of this month and at HR-57 next month. See my calendar page for more details. Also, we are still looking for a new venue to host our Jazz Composer's Sessions. Stay tuned...

The Pierce, Putter & Rumble CD is finally here! This ia a free-improvising collaboration with my GWU faculty mates Jim Levy (piano) and Steve Hilmy (electronics). Completely unscripted and unrehearsed. The CD features live recordings from 2006-8 and will be available for download on CD Baby. For a preview, a trippy video Jim made of the first track is here.

Some exciting gigs coming up this month! On 4/9 I'll be joining Origem at Lisner Auditorium for the Latin Jazz JAM featuring master percussionists Giovanni Hidalgo and Horacio (el Negro) Hernandez. And on 4/30 I'll be bringing my quartet to the beautiful Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club. This is a fantastic new venue for the DC area and like all new clubs, it needs your support! Visit my calendar page for links to more info and tickets. Lots of other new dates added with more on the way, so please check back often.

Pretending to have extra time on my hands, I had some fun with iMovie and made a  video for my tune You St., from my old quintet's live CD of the same name. You can see it on my video page.

I'm excited to be playing with legendary guitarist Gene Bertoncini on March 9 in my old boyhood stomping grounds of Reston, VA. This gig will also feature bassist Mykle Lyons and drummer Harold Summey. Should be a blast! For more info and a flier, please visit my calendar page

On March 4, the third installment of the Jazz Composer's Session will be hosted by the Forward Jazz Collective at HR-57 in DC. More info on the session and how to participate can be found at

I've just been added to the the schedule for the Mid Atlantic Jazz Festival in Rockville with the Greg Hatza Organ Trio. This year's festival is a celebration of organ jazz and will feature Dr. Lonnie Smith, Joey DeFrancesco and a host of other great national and local talent. We'l be in the Atrium on Saturday 2/16 at 8pm. B3 or B square!

Thanks to Leland Nakamura for the new pic at left, taken during our stint at the Back Porch Cafe for the Rehoboth Jazz Fest last fall. Shiny head and horn!

I'm very pleased to be part of the newly formed Forward Jazz Collective, a group dedicated furthering this great art form through the creation and sharing of new, original jazz compositions. We will be hosting a Jazz Composer's Session the first Monday of every month at HR-57, where people are invited to bring lead sheets to their original tunes and sit in. For more info, check us out at


I'm excited to be a part of the Rehoboth Jazz Fest weekend for the third year in a row. As in previous years, I'll be bringing the organ trio with Greg Hatza and Leland Nakamura to the wonderful Back Porch Cafe. A few other nice gigs are popping up so, keep checking my calendar page for updates.

GWU is back in session, which means that the Friday afternoon jam sessions are in full swing! If you are in the DC area, stop by and sit in with or listen to the GW Jazz Faculty Group and students, every Friday of the semester from noon to 2 p.m. Directions to the GW Music Department are here.

I've added a new SCM Music Player to this page that plays continuously, so no more starts and stops as you switch pages!

Back in April, the Trio with Leland Nakamura and Steve Zerlin played at the Meet The Artist Series at Center Stage in Reston, VA, our first gig in many years. It was a blast and brought back many good memories of all the weekly sessions in the '90s at State of the Union, One Step Down and Bohemian Caverns. I hope to get us to record some new stuff over the summer… Stay tuned. Watch some of the performance on my video page.

For those of you heading out to the Delaware beaches this Memorial Day weekend, I'll be at the Back Porch Cafe this Friday the 25th with my organ trio featuring Greg Hatza and Leland Nakamura. The food is excellent, and the crowd is always great. Hope to see you there!

Lots of nice gigs are on the books for this spring and summer, including the Berks Jazz Festival with Greg Hatza, and the Marthas Vineyard Jazz Festival with Larry Brown. Many more local dates are being added, so please check my calendar page for updates.

I've now got a bunch performance videos up on my you tube channel, including some from a very recent gig at HR-57 here in DC, and an entire night's worth of clips from a Greg Hatza hit at the old New Haven Lounge in Baltimore. This is mostly warts-and-all stuff with no editing. I hope you enjoy it and feel inclined to subscribe to my channel!

Coming up in April is the 18th annual GW Jazz Fest which features the student jazz ensembles of the George Washington University where I've taught for the last 17 years. This year the groups will be performing at DC venues HR-57Busboys and Poets, and Twins Jazz. There will be aditional events on campus and the Big Band will also partake in the annual Duke Ellington Birthday Concert in Ellington Park.



Jazz writer and critic Scott Yanow has written a fine review of Organic Matter. You can read it here. Also, Robert Sutton has posted a couple of nice reviews at and

I've recently been back into the studio with Origem, the amazing brazilian jazz outfit led by brothers Leo and Alejandro Lucini. This recording also features two great pianists: Federico Pena (Marcus Miller band) and Alex Brown (Paquito D' Rivera).

The Pierce, Putter and Rumble CD is finally being prepared for release. These are live recordings of free-improvised music with my GWU colleagues Jim Levy on piano and Steve Hilmy on electronics. Please go to my video page to see a clip of "l'impusion outré" recorded at the Electric Possible concert series.

Now available for free exclusively on this site is Live In Lima, recorded in August '08 at the Jazz Zone club in Lima, Peru. I had the wonderful opportunity to play with the amazing musicians heard here, visit breathtaking (literally) Cusco and the Sacred Valley, and experience firsthand the incredible food (Ceviche! Lomo saltado! Cuy!) and people of a remarkable culture. To see a photo album of this trip on my facebook page, click here.

I'm pleased to announce that Organic Matter  won the Washington Area Music Award (Wammie) for "best jazz recording" of 2009. This CD features some truly great playing by Greg Hatza, Mike Pavone and Marty Morrison on eight of my original tunes. I'm very proud of this project and hope you'll check it out. Click here for more info.

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